[BALI] Trying Out to Be A "Digital Nomad" in the Island of God: The Ultimate Guide & List

Typical title. And I was planning to start the article with the typical "The pandemic has shifted the way we live life, including in our professional world" la la la but dang, it's been a year already, who on earth still started a writing like that?

But jokes aside, what I'm about to tell here is actually what you guys can read from the title. I've been in Bali for the past three weeks, in an attempt to be a digital nomad. After one whole year of not traveling AT ALL, in which throughout the whole time I was completely working in a total work-from-home arrangement, I felt like, well, it's time to travel again, and, stretch my WFH game on a wider level.

And so Bali it is, as usual, that became the first travel destination post-Covid-19 for me, and the first out-of-home remote-working place I'd try.

It turned out to be a SPOT-ON decision. All these years I always rejected the idea of working in Bali because I didn't want to spoil the holiday vibe with work mood but, I couldn't lie, the energy of Bali, with its temples everywhere, beaches just down the streets, amazing foods everywhere, greenery here and there, fair traffic due to low number of tourist -- it all suppressed the shitty feel of work.

I did LOTS OF STUFF during my one-month stay here, and I'm planning to share the gems I discovered for my future references, and, if it might help, for you guys too. Mostly places for traveling though, but hey, since I really meant it with the "digital nomad" promise in the title, there are some places I found really amazing too to be set as a workstation.

Here are the list and click each name for more coverage (or wait until I write everything ha ha).






- Canoeing
- Catching Sunrise

- Kantin BES