[BALI] Bingin Beach, Pecatu - Beauty Hidden Under The Cliffs

Welcome to Bingin Beach!

The southern part of Bali is dotted with hidden beaches. Some turned to be not-so-hidden and commercialized like the previously-charming Pandawa and the soon-to-be-losing-its-charm Melasti. Both were a total hidden gems with only a few visitors, now turning into a major must-visit for local tourists with smooth roads and easy access. Anyways, not to be complaining, there are still many other secret, hidden beaches in south Bali, including this one I just visited: Bingin Beach.

Parking space for Bingin Beach.

You'll immediately spot the signs leading to the beach.

When I said "hidden", I really meant it. The way to the beach is not THAT hidden, and the access is still pretty decent. Just follow the map using the pinpoint I provide at the end of this post and you're all set! What I meant by "hidden" refers to how you reach the beach from the parking space.

Bingin Beach is dozens of stairs down below the (in)famous southern Bali cliffs, passing through some accommodations and local cafes which will totally make you question if you are on the right direction. And don't get me started on the entrance to the beach! It starts from an unassuming local residential area with some villas, then getting narrower and narrower until finally you'll find yourself in a dodgy one-person-wide alley. But it really is, the way to the beach! The signs are all so clear and seamless even from the parking lot, and on top of all, the more you walk, the clearer you'll hear the sound of the ocean!

The path will then lead you to the top of the stairs. Don't freak out just yet. All other "hidden beaches" in southern Bali are usually hidden in the same manner, where you'll have to climb down steep staircases or graveled roads -- which is fun, actually, because while doing so the vast view of crystal-clear ocean would usually already be in front of you. The not-so-nice part would be the way back up, when you usually are tired already from swimming, and have to climb those nasty staircases which will be even worse when wearing mask. Okay now you can freak out.

Who would've thought that at the end of this creepy lane lies a pure hidden gem??

The beach now in sight!

Just a "little" more to get to Bingin Beach.

Okay, perhaps a little more...

If there's anything, you should be thankful for these stairs. They're like the filter for those many tourists, the rule of the jungle which will automatically limit the number of visitors entering the beach. And there are monkeys too, along the way! So you might want to imagine how people will keep backing down in each and every single step down, and so, only a few selected people enter the beach.

The last cafe at the bottom of the staircases will give you an open view of the ocean. It's your choice to stay and put your stuff there so you can start swimming (but of course you need to buy something from the cafe!), or go left/right to the beach and just pick a free spot in front of other cafes. I chose the latter.

Bingin Beach and all the establishments lining by the shore.

Bingin Beach, as most of other beaches in south Bali, is popular for its strong current, making it as another go-to spot for surfers -- also because, again, it's emptier than of those beaches in Canggu area. There are even some surfing schools and surfboard rentals (and reparation shops) along the beach stretch.

Speaking of stretch, Bingin's coastal line boasts lots of restaurants and lodges, as you might seen some en route towards the beach. Some proudly stand just right by the ocean, some others are a bit on the hillside. If you're seeing this cliff area complete with its establishments from above, which you can't by the way, because you'll be inside the cliff instead, Bingin will look like a local, much smaller version of Santorini.

As I mentioned before, you can opt for NOT eating at one of those restaurants, or staying at one of those lodges. The sandy part of Bingin, though some are not big enough as the waves can reach the outermost part of the restaurants, is still decent for you to hangout on top of a piece of cloth and just sitting around or reading books. But you definitely have to swim as well because its clear-blue waters can't stop calling you to jump in -- just mind the waves and the rocks!

Lots of local boats floating around the waters of Bingin.

The cliff boulders overlooking the Indian Ocean.


Address: Pecatu, Bali
Entrance Fee: Rp2.000 ($0.2) for parking