[BALI] Bottega Italiana, Canggu - Pasta with a Hint of The Ocean

My Bottega Italiana Frutti di Mare.

It's not a big task to look for a place to eat near Batu Bolong area. For lunch before you hit the beach to do some surfing, or for dinner after you're being awed by the west coast sunset, there's surely at least one place that will tempt you. Even during the pandemic!

One time, a dear friend of mine and I, in somewhat big cravings for pasta after having a long sunset talk in Batu Bolong Beach, decided to go to Bottega Italiana. It was a short drive from the beach, still along the street of Jalan Batu Bolong, and I even still got my feet full of sands and walked into the restaurant bare footed -- okay! Let's get to business.

It was (or still is?) a tiny, cozy modern-looking restaurant with a pinch of alfresco dining space. We opted the outdoor seats because, you know, preventive purposes. But even if it's not pandemic era, I would still choose to sit outdoor anyway because I could imagine how vibrant the surroundings would be, with other visitors' conversations buzzing on the back and walkers passing by. The indoor space was good too, and you'd get to take a peek of their kitchen so, really, it's up to you.

Now on to the menu. Bottega Italiana have this complete range of Italian food covering pizza, cheese, cured meat and roasted meat (which all seemed so tempting!), but since we came here with a specific craving, we focused only on the pasta (which list is long too). Breakfast is also on their arsenal list so if you're in the mood to have some Italian brekky (and that's what I'm gonna do the next time I visit), they seem to have this beautiful range of pastries, eggs, crepes, and bowls. They also have some wine options, which would actually be a good match to the pasta, but I was in the mood for a glass of iced coke. Well you know what, help yourself by accessing their menu here.

I'm not an expert in pasta, but at least my palette can tell some good food. I ordered Frutti di Mare Tagliolini that came with abundant type of seafood, and my friend ordered Basilico Pesto Gnocchi that honestly look as tempting. The pasta (at least mine) was fresh, cream-dried the way I wanted, and not so bloating. The seafood was generous and I was so happy with that, and every single element was freshly cooked with no fishy taste.

If you're not sure which type of pasta to choose thanks to its super Italian names, don't hesitate to ask the staff. Or just walk into their counter area because they display the pasta samples there for you to see (or learn, if you're into becoming a pasta connoisseur).

Sorry (not sorry) I didn't take the photo of the place so here's a pic of me and my friend instead.

Alright here's a pic from Tripadvisor so it'd look professional.

I've been to other Italian restaurants in Bali like Ultimo, and having pastas in non-Italian restaurants like nearby Deus Cafe, but the atmosphere here in Bottega Italiana is just different. The casual feel and friendly air is so great for chit-chatting with a friend (perhaps not so much for big groups), or to have a quick lovely dinner with your significant other.

Bottega Italiana also opens in other areas including nearby Canggu areas (Berawa and Perenenan), Seminyak, and Petitenget. The branch here in Batu Bolong has no dedicated parking spots anyway, so you might want to consider visiting by driving a car.


Address: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No. 77, Canggu, Bali
Price: Rp250.000 ($17) for 2 persons