[BALI] Munggu Rice Paddies, Mengwi - The Grand, Green Surprise

Serenity across Munggu Rice Paddies.

The main reason why I stayed in Canggu area was so I would have more chance to explore a bit to the north rather than just going southward over and over again (although in practice, yes, I kept coming back to the south which forced me to go on a longer ride). And Munggu Beach was on my to-visit list in the north of Canggu.

To be honest, it became one of my personal best discovery. It's crowded, but of locals. Which I don't mind because they deserve a local-stressed beach like this. They also come here for religious purposes, in which I saw some cleansing rituals being held the first time I was in Munggu Beach. And there's a temple too just nearby!

About the beach itself, well, it's not the paradisiac white-sand-blue-colored-water one, no, it even comes with somewhat dirty black sand. But it got its own charm with amazing rocks by the water, local fishermen boats, and local dogs running about. The waves are strong, but still okay for swimming. And to my recollection, no surfers around! A bit weird because other beaches along this west stretch are swarmed with surfers -- maybe because this one's local-driven? And on top of all, since it's a west coast beach, it serves visitors some breathtaking sunset opportunities!

So, is this considered a hidden beach or not? Well, I must say 50:50. Because Munggu Beach is actually located not so far from Canggu's top beaches like Echo Beach (though the walk from this beach to Munggu is quiet long, but it's definitely bearable!) so you'll get to see some international tourists walking from the south all the way up north along the coastline. But aside of that, the beach is mostly local's primary entertainment spot, not so much touched by crazy bar life -- which is why I consider Munggu Beach half hidden.

But I have one other reason why I think Munggu Beach is "hidden". It's because the entrance to the beach, unknown by those international beachwalkers and surfers, is lying across a vast field of amazing rice paddies.

I would literally just sit by the street and do nothing but to stare at the paddies.

I visited this beach twice during my stay, and I was mesmerized twice as much by this lush pathway. The name of the street is Jalan Raya Seseh. At first I didn't expect to come across such localized beauty, because I was expecting things to be the same with all the streets leading to beaches in Canggu. I knew this area was a bit up north meaning there would be less restaurants and cafes and laundries and bike rentals or rooms for rent along the street, but I just didn't see that a series of rice paddies would be the one welcoming me.

The greeneries you'd see here is of the generous portion. It's unlike those random pop-up rice paddies nestled in between establishments -- it looks endless on both your left and right, with occasional terraces ready to delight your eyes. The road that lies before you are lined with trees, adding to more dramatic feel of the entrance. Some also dotted in the midst of the paddies, and even more trees can be seen on the far horizon. If you're lucky enough, you'd spot local farmers solemnly tending their paddies, undisturbed by the promise of tourism.

Could you believe that something this empty is just 15 mins
motorbike drive away from the heart of Canggu?

To my surprise, the road was well-maintained. It's not like those rocky path leading to secret beaches in south Bali (well after all, Munggu Beach is only half hidden, eh?). And surely it was empty! From here you can totally tell that only locals use this access to reach Munggu Beach, most of which are riding motorbikes so traffic are totally sane. Houses and buildings weren't so many, because most of the spaces were filled by rice paddies and rice paddies only. It's crazy how this kind of green nature lies just several steps away from the ocean!

I'd suggest you to come to Munggu Beach before dusk, because one, you'll get to see the sunset as the beach in lying on the west coast of Bali. And two, because the magnificent afternoon feel of riding across Jalan Raya Seseh, with the remaining sun rays ahead of you, is uncanny. I guarantee that you'd subconsciously start driving slowly throughout the ride, to seep the spectacle, feel the calm of the sleepy village around, and let the coastal breeze blowing against your skin.

I wish I stayed a bit longer... bet the sunset view over the paddies would be striking!

If you even have more time, stop your bike to admire the beauty of the paddies. Walk the narrow dirt road and jump into deeper greens. Oh there would be snakes and rats, of course, I ain't gon' lie, but for a closer look to one of Bali's true element, why not?


Address: Jl. Raya Seseh, Mengwi Village, Badung Regency, Bali