[BALI] Mengiat Beach, Nusa Dua - So Large It'd Feel Like It's All Yours

Mengiat Beach, my new favorite in southern Bali.

After a satisfying trip to the concealed Sawangan Beach, and a bit disappointed by the not-so-hidden Geger Beach, I concluded my Nusa Dua beach hopping day at the newly-discovered (to me) Mengiat Beach.

I was actually ready to be disappointed again. This name came to my list just when I was in Geger Beach, not sure what to do because the crowd didn't quiet indicate that it was a secret beach. My expectation just got weaker when I finally arrived at its super big parking space, with more-than-a-few cars and a fair number of bikes, and a grand, noisy rehearsal of some governmental events at nearby hotel. It all just fusioned into my instant understanding that, Mengiat Beach, is just the lesser-known Sanur type of beach: another typical tourist destination.

But I was there already, and it was too late to go anywhere else (plus I was running out of beach names to give a visit to) so I gave in and make my way into the beach anyway. And boy was I forced to swallow my disappointment the second I stepped into the sandy beach of Mengiat.

Big and rather empty -- how would I not love Mengiat?

The water is also clear! Can't stop swimming here.

It wasn't the most beautiful, but it was definitely a treat to my eyes. The water was sky blue, really inviting to leap into. The waters were surprisingly calm, a contrast to the crazy Sawangan and Geger beaches which waves were rolling strong, yet both were just immediately down south of Mengiat. There were some waves a bit further to the ocean, but what you'd have just by the seashore is a pleasant, tranquil pool of sea where you could just dip and swim in peace. But that's not the main thing that excited me the most -- the size of the beach is.

Mengiat Beach, to my surprise, is so expansive. The kind of beach shared by not only one or two, but many big beachside resorts. I'm not only talking about the waterside, but also the sandy part of the beach! On my visit there were plenty of other people down the beach, but since all scattered about the vast area, I still felt like it was empty and all mine. I could easily imagine people could still find spots for their groups across Mengiat Beach even if it's a peak holiday season.

Now that you have the beach metaphorically all to yourself, you could actually do anything you like! Swimming of course would be the best activity. The calm water is just so lovely to just play with your friends or family. I, on the other hand, coming there by myself, spent most of my time just floating on the sea surface, face and tummy up, letting the gentle current sway me here and there without having to worry of the attack of big waves (I'd really recommend this thing!).

Reading would be the next best thing to do, because of the calm atmosphere. And since Mengiat Beach is so large, you'd hardly be annoyed by the noise other visitors make because the nearest group would most likely be dozens of meters away from where you sit.

You can also learn how to surf here. Though the water near the shoreline is calm, as I said, if you swim further you'll bump into stronger waves just perfect for beginner surfers. There are some operators and surfboard rentals too by Mengiat Beach, so all's convenient!

It was a bit gloomy when I visited but it didn't ruin my Mengiat experience!

Just north of the beach you'll see a peninsula where another Nusa Dua's top coastal destination is (the name is Waterblow). The current's much stronger up there, but since I was already in the mood for something calming and soothing, I didn't go. But it's nice to know you have other options nearby, eh?


Address: Jl.Pantai Mengiat Kawasan ITDC Nusa Dua, Benoa
Entrance fee: Rp10.000 ($0.7)