[BALI] Scratch Pizza, Kerobokan - A Hangout Place All Yours

Wait, the name is "Scratch Pizza" eh? What's with these chickens? Well, read on to find out!

Maybe because it was after raining, so the place was somewhat empty. Plus it was during a pandemic, so the only visitors there were online bike drivers waiting for take-aways ordered by lazy-ass people delivering from their rooms. Or maybe because not many knew about this place? Well whatever the reasons were, I was so glad that Scratch Pizza was empty when I got there -- because I had a pleasant, serene visit with amazing meals!

I wasn't alone, though. I came with a friend, and we were just from the mangrove in Denpasar, doing canoe (or is it kayak? Really I still don't know the difference) for 3 HOURS STRAIGHT, WHILE FASTING because it was Ramadan, so you had no idea how exhausted and starving I was by that time. Rain came pouring for a while when we made a transit at my hotel, but it stopped just when we were about to faint of hunger. So yea when we arrived at the doors of Scratch Pizza it was empty, with nice, cold weather, and air so fresh, and tummy ready to rumble.

It was my friend's recommendation, so I believed it would be a good one. And it was! The restaurant itself was not so big, with simple, homey interior. What made the location a bit more special was the vast view of rice paddies just on the verge of the seating area! I know, I couldn't see much of the view because I was there when it was dark already. But I could easily imagine how nice it'd be to eat while your eyes are feasting on the green beauty.

I would love to actually stay longer if the view's like this -- but we had a race to catch :(

Now on to the food (finally)! While the name suggests pizza, I was actually not so much in the mood for it (another friend and I just had this huge 8-slice-box of pizza from this place in Batu Belig called Manhattan Slice a few days before so, yea, no more for today). Interestingly, Scratch Pizza's establishment comprises of two other restaurants which you can cross-order anyway you want: Killer Burgers and Santai Fried Chicken. I was not in the mood for burgers either, so chicken here I go!

Scratch Pizza's chicken specialty is its wings, with lots of unique sauces. We went for the Classic BBQ Buffalo and Lemon Garlic Pepper, which were the only options for low-to-moderate spicy level because both of my friend and I are weaklings to spicy foods. Other flavors include Spicy Sriracha Mango and Sambal Suicide (can you believe its name??? I would never think of ordering that one!). There's the option for 8-pcs (Rp59.000) and 16-pcs wings (Rp 99.000), but since we ordered two different flavors, we opted for the 8-pcs one each.

It was such a good decision to go for the wings as an entre, especially after a long tiring day of fasting and rowing. The wings were well cooked, tender and juicy with its interesting flavors. I loved both of 'em, but I gotta say that the Lemon Garlic Pepper tempted my tastebud a bit more. After all, those wings just fit well with our conversation moments, along with the view of darkened rice field and music playing.

Remember how I said I was starving to death? Well I didn't exactly say that, but imagine doing a canoe through the mangrove to the open sea, all during fasting -- and you'd 100% agree that I was starving to death. And so after the wings, I ordered another chicken dish: their Whole Boneless Buttermilk Fried Chicken Leg with Rice (Rp65.000). That was my main dish of the night, and I couldn't ask for a better food. Chicken was equally good, especially because it was boneless. And it came in the same Garlic Lemon Pepper sauce which was friendly to me, plus a generous portion of slaw on the side!

You know what was the best thing of our visit that night besides the place being all ours and the food being oh so good? That there was a Sunday-only buy-one-get-one deal for the wings! You might want to constantly check on Scratch Pizza's social media for they have up to three different promos every week.

Crazy how I could still remember how it tasted just by seeing this pic!

If you're up for their Burger Killers joint, sadly, none of us had been there. But as for the actual Scratch Pizza's pizza place, my friend is a regular customer which means that it's worth-trying! They have various options for classic pizzas and signature ones from Rp85.000 all the way to Rp165.000, as well as handmade pastas and salads all from Rp40.000-ish. Also try their mac n' cheese because I heard it's a good option for the not-so-hungry people.


Address: Jl. Pengubengan Kauh, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Badung
Price: Rp200.000 ($14) for 2 persons


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