[BALI] Mimpi Grocery, Canggu - Dream Haven for Remote Workers

Mimpi Grocery will always be on my list for my next Work from Bali arrangements.

Don't be tricked by the name. This ain't a grocery store, ain't a pasar (although a concept of a market-like cafe sounds tempting too). Mimpi is a cafe slash co-working space on the outskirt of Canggu, which I must crown as the best place for remote working so far.

Everything about Mimpi Grocery is unprecedented. In a very good way. The name, to me at first, doesn't sell much. But a friend of mine recommended me to try remote-working from this cafe, so it was a plus point. Then I looked up on the internet, discovered this Canggu-like minimalistic, aesthetic looking space and there it was, the second plus point.

So I decided to go, on one fine Friday noon, riding my bike to Batu Mejan area where the cafe is. It was a typical Canggu bike ride, crossing small alleys and main roads and small alleys again, until suddenly the road just stopped and a ground path started. A small, ground path, with rice paddies on both side of the track. I couldn't be wrong because the map said that Mimpi Grocery was just at the end of that road. And there it really was, actually, at the end of that small, ground path. Like, who would have thought that in the middle of unassuming rice paddy field, there is this awkward offbeat building standing alone just downhill of the terrace?

The small ground path leading to Mimpi Grocery. Not a good news for cars eh?
The greenery around Mimpi Grocery. Oh Lord...

Aside of the building itself, everything else is still so nature-made. The parking area itself, which is only enough for bikes, is still unpaved just like the road leading to the cafe. Cars can only park along the dirt path I mentioned, which can only fit one, and facing downhill so if you want to go back up, you need to go backwards and uphill -- my suggestion is, don't come by car.

Stepping into the cafe you'd be showered by this chill vibe of a co-working space. The all-gray interior and high ceiling with totally open space, people sitting and typing on their laptops, faint music playing on the back just so the mood is not too office-ish, this is definitely the place to finish your reports or presentation decks! Best part? The huge windows are all showcasing the greenery of rice paddies that welcomed you just now, giving you opportunities to rest your eyes from the annoying screen and work to soak into nature.

The first floor is of course the more popular ones, especially in the afternoon when the sun is really harsh out there. There are the seats area from the front door, near their crafty Mimpi Store, all the way to the back at the pool area just next to the green rice paddies. There are some floor-seating area too, which I was aiming at first but was already occupied when I got there. The second floor gave access to even wider view of the surrounding rice terraces, and said to have occasional live Jazz session at certain times.

Mimpi Grocery poolside. When I was there it was empty but people can jump in, though!

Now on to the menu. Their specialties are brunch pastries (croissants, ciabattas, and more!) and sourdoughs, all with different types of toppings and complementaries like bacon, veggies, avocado, mushroom, cheese, eggs. One of their recommended picks is Beef Royale, a bun with beef brisket. As tempting as it sounds, so sorry, I wasn't in mood for those. So I opted for their DIY brunch menu where I could mix and match everything I like. Dish elements for the DIY menu range from meats, eggs any styles, potatoes any styles, many veggies options, and more!

As for drinks, you can probably guess which types are specialties in Mimpi Groceries. Of course, coffee. From latte to black ones, they have it. Non-coffees are also available, ranging from chocolate, beers, even wines. They also have lots of clean, non-guilt drink options like smoothies and juices. And being a very hot Bali day it was, I decided to go for a watermelon lime something, which I must say was the best decision ever (that day). Not in the mood for those kinds of beverages? All foods come with water so, suit yourself in budgeting more time to pick the food!

There was no time limit when I visited, so I stayed there for almost two hours, working on my copywriting class materials (and I finished half of it in just one seating! How productive!). Some people seemed to take longer times, coming before me and were still there when I left. The staffs weren't making big deals out of it anyways, because most people just came either alone or in pair, so they could just be seated next to other individuals or couples on the same table. Traffic was quiet smooth although number of visitors were high.

After all, I think Mimpi Cafe was really designed for you to stay long and work.

Hi from my dirty-screen laptop and the greenery behind!


Address: Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan No.67H, Canggu, Bali
Price: Rp150.000 ($10)


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