Getting Started

Alright, honestly, I’m not sure what I’m doing here.

I’m basically a writer / book author, not a blogger. Well, I do have a blog, but it’s personal—this web on the other hand, is intentionally for commercial purpose which I haven’t done. So yea I’m generally clueless.

The other thing is about languages. My books are all in Indonesian. But my Instagram posts are mostly in English, and it has a quiet nice engagement. So yea again, even in this simple thing of choosing a language, I’m pretty lost.

But hey what am I thinking? I’m here to have fun, and share my travel thoughts so, why don’t I just let it flow?

I’ll act like other bloggers, I think I can do it. And for language, I’ll just make it a mix of both. When I think it deserves to be shared with the world, then I’ll be using English—when it’s specifically for Indonesians then Bahasa Indo it is!

Anything you want to know, any articles you want me to translate from English to Indo or vice versa, just let me know by leaving comments or ask it away in the imaginary chatbox because I don’t have it yet.

The thing now is, I want to get this blogging shyt started!!